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Give us the departure and destination cities and we will provide you with a no obligation quote for Flight Nanny service.  

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Select a date to fly your pet with one of our experienced pet nanny's for your furry friend. 



To reserve your flight nanny full payment is required upfront.  We currently use Paypal.  

Flight requirements


Puppy must be atleast 8wks of age to fly with a Pet Nanny in cabin.  Puppy will need to fit comfortably into a pet carrier.  You can provide an airline approved pet carrier or use one of ours. We will also need vaccination records to fly in cabin with a flight nanny.



The day of departure your flight nanny will meet 90 minutes before flght at the passenger drop off area or somewhere else mutually agreed upon at the airport.



Once we arrive in the destination city our In Cabin Flight Nanny will make contact with you to determine where to meet in the airport to delivery your fur baby. Our Pet Nanny's stay in contact with you.

About Us

Experienced Pet Nanny

We have been in the Flying Pet Nanny business since 2016 delivering puppies for some of the most prestigious breeders in the country.  When we first started In Cabin Puppy Flight Nanny service we specialized in rare breeds like Cane Corso, African Boerbel and Frenchies.  Now we do every breed you can think of. 

No Breed Restrictions

We are happy to service ALL BREEDS; there are no breed restrictions when flying with In Cabin Puppy Pet Nanny Service.  We do have size restrictions, and only service animals small enough to fit in a carryon pet carrier. 

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Most customers book travel within 7-10 days of the flight.  You are welcome to book flights within 30 days.   Email us today to schedule your pets flight nanny travel.  PUPPYTRANSPO@GMAIL.COM

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What our clients say...

"I use In Cabin Puppy for my pet nanny every time I send a puppy to it’s new home!! Super convenient and trustworthy. (Breeder)"  

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Please include the Date of travel requested, Departure and Destination airports, Type of Animal Breed and Weight of Pet.  

Pets must be 8 weeks of age and have vaccination records to fly within the lower 48.  To travel in our out of Canada we will need a USDA Health Certificate. 

In Cabin Puppy

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States



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The full amount of the quoted ticket price is due at the time of reservation.  Send as "Friends and Family" so no fee's are taken out, or send enough so that we receive the full ticket price. (+3%)